• Simple smart microsites as an online business card especially designed for small businesses and freelancers
  • Fast and cost-efficient minisites to show presence on the Internet and to be found by other interested parties and potential customers.
  • Combined with a Google My Business company profile for maximum attention.
  • Prices starting 99 Euro (
Sample Website


  • User-friendly - responsive design
  • Notably - search engine optimization
  • Fast - no database, frameworks or libraries
  • Up to date - pure HTML5 & CSS3 programming
  • Compatible - no external data services or scripts
  • Dedicated internet expert
  • State of the art website
  • Custom email address
Sample Website


  • Companies and local businesses (shops, craftsmen, hairdresser, florist, etc)
  • Persons (public personalities, celebrities, young stars, etc)
  • Services (doctors, therapists, photographers, consultants, etc)
  • Product presentations (fashion, art, technology, etc)
  • Events and meetings of all kinds (weddings, parties, bands, etc)
  • Specially designed promotional websites (Landing pages)
  • Optimized web pages as intermediate pages (Doorway pages)
  • Background images: Mini-OnePager images
  • Background videos: Mini-OnePager videos
Sample Website


  • The idea for creating Mini-OnePagers is based on the various Content Management Systems (management of content of Web pages), which are loaded with redundant features and functions.
  • The majority of Web pages owners who maintain small websites are rather overwhelmed from the vast possibilities those CMS contain than content with those solutions. More alternatives mean less overview. Instead of focusing on key elements, administration panels distract with too many options.


  • In addition, themes (custom graphical appearances) are surprisingly consistently badly programmed - vulnerable for hacking targets, poorly search engine results and require regular updates. This can be found throughout all varieties and types of CMS, big, small, fee-based or free ones.
  • Of course there are exceptions and big corporations need comprehensive websites, but they also have the know-how and personnel to deal with these challenges. That is why concentrates on small businesses with limited capabilities to maintain their online presence. Thus more time for their core competencies boosting them with a state of the art website, combining all the functions needed, easily and clean.